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Hero’s Last Rite, Dischord, and Shades of Sorrow June 14th at the Lava Lounge

Looking forward to this ragin’ show!!! We are teaming up with Dischord and Shades of Sorrow June 14th at the Lava Lounge in Fredericton.

Hero\'s Last Rite, Dischord and Shades of Sorrow

3 Inches of Blood, Goatwhore, Orchids Curse and Hero’s Last Rite in Fredericton!!!

Another great show that we are super stoked to be playing!!! We are excited to announce that we will be sharing the stage with 3 Inches of Blood, Goatwhore and, our Halifax friends, Orchids Curse April 25th 2013 at the Lava Vodka Bar. This show will rip you a new one.

The Facebook event page is HERE!


Cancer Bats show poster!!!!

Feb. 17th be sure to get your asses to this show!!!

More info located at the Facebook event page…HERE!!!


Upcoming shows and other news

Check out our HLR Shows link for upcoming gigs. We are playing January 25th with The Fed Pennies and Diablo Strange at the Fusion Nightlife and the next night (January 26th) with The Daisy Anthesis and Cry Oh Crisis at the UNB Cellar. Plus we are playing with the Cancer Bats February 17th at the Lava Vodka Bar (was Nicky Zee’s).

Also we have been hard at work on our next release. We have about 9 songs ready to go and we will be debuting a few new ones at our upcoming shows.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the shows.

Cheers from HLR!!!

January 25th show poster: