Viral Judgment Video!!

Here are a few words from the director: Tim Rayne

“Here is the latest music video from RayneMaker Productions. It is the second music video I directed for Hero’s Last Rite. The song is about cyber bullying and it was inspired by the Amanda Todd tragedy. Singer and lyricist Steve McDonald writes with a social consciousness so it was important for me to capture the themes visually. Where many metal lyricists write cryptic lyrics and/or dark fantasy (which I also enjoy), Steve writes about day to day life, being a father, and the daily grind. The song is fantastic and I also considerate highly accessible but for those of you who are unfamiliar with this style of music may find it challenging. This is virtuoso musicianship that is highly technical but incredibly melodic and catchy. The intensity of the music matches the brutality of the songs themes. A Father’s (parents) worst nightmare. This is a tough subject and the video is disturbing but it is an important subject that both the band and filmmakers felt needed to be addressed. Big thanks to Nathalie Rayne, Arthur Thomson, Jeff Crawford, Rob Pinnock, Tricia Campbell-Harrison, Kayla Magee Joseph Jpoc Ciomeau, Bunthivy Nou, Michelle Amarth, Cheryl Lee Watts Christie, Manny Peters.”


Hero’s Last Rite Video Release Partay & CHSR 97.9 FUNDRAISER!!!

March 14th at The Capital folks, it’s time for another ripper!! This time we have a brand spanking new video for our tune Viral Judgment! Once again, we collaborated with the Mighty Tim Rayne and his amazing crew to make a video that will push the envelope on a very relevant topic. Helping us bring the walls down at The Capital will be Fredericton’s Verses and Saint John heavyweights No Man’s Throne.

This show will be a CHSR 97.9 fundraiser so all proceeds from the show go back to the Station so let’s pack’er and get them a tone of cash!!!!
Prepare thy liver!!!

$7 at the door


Video from Mettalfest 3 in Halifax

Thanks to Bill and Alicia at Mettalworx Music Group!!!

‘The Mirror’s Face’ and ‘Viral Judgment’

‘Mechanism’ and ‘I Am Atomic’


Mettalworx Interviews Hero’s Last Rite

Bill from Mettalworx Music Group interviews Tim, Dan and Steve about the new album, Maritime Metal and Hard Rock Festival, our search for a bassist, the scene, Spinal Tap moments and more.


Maritime Metal & Hard Rock Wrap Up

We had a great time at the festival again this year! Thank to Jay and his crew for making this another great event. Big thanks to Picaroons for the sponsorship!!!

The Mirror’s Face

I Am Atomic


More Golf Cart shenanigans!!!


Maritime Metal and Hard Rock Festival Video

Well we had one hell of a time a few weeks back at the Maritime Metal and Hard Rock Festival. Professional work by Jay Chetwynd and his band of merry men and women for putting this all together. Great event!!!

Weekend of mayhem!!! Metal, beer, buses, bunnies, and golf carts.

Live Footage from Maritime Metal and Hard Rock Festival. Thanks to Steve Ruxton at Rockin’ HRM.

Personal Plague from Maritime Metal and Hard Rock Festival

Why We Die from Maritime Metal and Hard Rock Festival

From the Eye’s of Hero’s Last Rite

A number of months ago we were approached by a media arts student wondering if we were interested in taking part in a school project. This documentary is the outcome of the hard work that Pierre Cormier has done. Thank Pierre!!!

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